Making Ireland Click

In 2016, Harry spent a year filming a four-part series along with Lord David Puttnam and Wildfire Films, Making Ireland Click.

The series aired on RTÉ1 in November 2016, and highlighted the amazing work being done in STEM across Ireland. The series followed Harry on a number of adventures including a digital detox, a visit to a local school to find out how Coding in the classroom, and also on a trip to meet the Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny.

TEDx: The Power of STEM

In February 2017, Harry delivered his first ever TEDx entitled 'The Power of STEM' to an audience of over two hundred people in Vilnius, Lithuania.

He spoke about his work in STEM over the last four years, his vision for the future of STEM Education, and the power of the generation he likes to call, #GenerationSTEM. His talk was very well received, and has been watched by thousands of people since being made available online.

About Me

My aim is very simple, "Write a future I am proud to be the author of".

My name is Harry McCann, and I am a nineteen-year-old award-winning Irish entrepreneur. I founded my first business, Kid Tech, in 2014 just after my fifteenth birthday. Over the space of a year, I set out to 'Teach the Next Generation Tech' through short courses which I had designed and created. The support of British Actor, Stephen Fry, and technology giants, Blackberry, allowed me to travel across Ireland to introduce almost one thousand kids to computer coding. In 2015, after early success in the business world, I then went on to found the first Digital Youth Council in the world at just 15-years-old. The council model which I designed, while in my capacity as Executive Director, can now not only be seen in Ireland, but around the world in countries such as the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

My work as an entrepreneur and thought leader has allowed me to become one of the most influential young people in STEM, education, youth affairs and technology. As a result, I have become one of the most sought-after young people speakers and media pundits in the world. I can regularly be heard speaking in the media, and on stage delivering motivational and educational speeches at conferences and events across the globe.

I have been recognised on multiple occasions for my work, and have been lucky enough to receive honours and awards such as the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons in the World award in Amsterdam in 2017.

After completing full-time second-level education, my focus currently lies in the media world, and my new business, Trendster Media. In my role as CEO, I a leading an exciting young team in an effort revolutionise the media industry. I also continue to remain dedicated to my Public Speaking career and work as a Media Pundit. While also working with global brands, products and events as an ambassador, advisor and influencer.

"If you're looking for the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, look no further!"

"I wish we had fifty Harry's to send around the country to inspire and enthuse people"

- Lord David Puttnam
"He's our answer to Bill Gates"

- RTÉ One.
"Irelands most successful 19-year-old"

- Today FM
"Harry is a cool coder with a bright future and puts in the hours to make things happen"

- Bill Liao, European Investment Partner at SOS Ventures.
"Harry is an exceptionally bright self-starter"

- Irish Times
"Harry for me represents passion, energy and commitment to our future"

- Gareth Presch, Founder, World Health Innovation Summit
"Harry McCann will be Taoiseach some day!"

- Pamela O'Leary
"If you haven't yet heard of the ledge that is Harry McCann, then we guarantee you'll be hearing his name everywhere very soon."

"Harry is an incredible young man, who is a shining example of how young people can achieve anything they put their minds to."

- Eve Conway, President, Rotary GBI

Current Projects

Here are a few of the projects Harry is working on at the moment.

Trendster Media Ltd.

Trendster Media Ltd. is a youth media agency that specialises in creating media content for generations X, Y and Z.

Digital Youth Council

The DYC is the first of its kind in the World and is made up of some of the most promising young people in STEM in Ireland!

Previous Projects

Here are some of the projects Harry has worked on over the past few years.

Kid Tech

Kid Tech aims to Teach The Next Generation Tech.


#GetUpGoAwards Overall Winners - 1st for Innovation & Quality - An App that Connects Students & Teachers while also enhancing learning.


#LetsTeachCode brought students from all around the World together to learn how to code. We believe that the greatest skill you can teach a young person in the 21st Century is coding . We want to bring coding into every classrooms around the World starting with one classroom, and one country at a time.